Our efforts resulted in
  • 80% Increase in online conversions
  • 70% decrease in cost per acquisition
  • 60% increased reach
The challenge

As a well-established firm in the construction industry with a reputation for phenomenal work, they never had a problem generating traffic to their website. Despite having consistent traffic coming in every month, visitors were not converting into leads.

While the website was performing well from a branding perspective, it was more of a digital sales brochure than a lead generation tool.

How we did it

CurveUp was tasked with restructuring the site in a way that would result in more visitors converting into leads. A full-blown site redesign on the landing pages was created that resulted in the highest traffic.

It could turn into a lead-generating machine thus improving the overall user experience and expanding search market presence. They were keen to have access to regular reporting to gain insights about current efforts and also bring down their costs.

Particularly they wanted to get their cost per conversion down, which we successfully did. Now TVH has a peace of mind knowing that they have a team who consistently monitor, maintain and secure their site and social media presence.

Deliverables included:
  • Website Management
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Lead Generation