Nexa Infra Project
Nexa Infra Project:
Our efforts resulted in
  • 45% Increase in online conversions
  • 50% Increase in brand awareness
  • 90% increase in paid search conversion
The challenge

To build brand awareness and drive applications to Nexa at a low cost per acquisition. Fostering a good relationship with leads and prospective customers.

How we did it

To nurture a relationship that is still in infancy we worked closely to develop a complete marketing strategy that will reach the buyer in all stages: brand awareness, consideration and decision.

We at CurveUp believe that if something cannot be measured, it can’t be improved. Therefore a website was set up to report on traffic, speed, and other statistics.

Simultaneously branding, design, content strategy, and SEO services began and were launched. The improvements were instantly noticeable and the increase in website traffic and conversions soon followed.

Deliverables included:
  • Website Creation
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Print Media
  • Local SEO Listing
  • Branding